How to buy a home  


Looking for a home? Where should you begin? Home buying can be an over whelming task. Think about any changes in your life during the foreseeable future. Will there be changes in your family size or with your vocation? What are your requirements for the home?

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Why use a Real Estate buyer agent?

In short, the reason is to get you a better deal than you would have gotten without one. It's really as simple as that! This means money, but it also means having the services of an expert who can find you the home you want, come to agreement with the home seller at terms favorable to you, and see that the home sale actually closes.

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Escape to the Garden and Another room

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, there will come a time when you want or need more rooms in your house. Growing families, working from home, hobbies and interests or simply a need for entertaining space can all conspire to make you feel like a pint in a half-pint pot. Moving house is not always an option. The cost of moving is massive as it almost always includes re-fitting a new property to match our requirements and taste.

New carpets, soft furnishings and the little 'tweaks' that make our home special all cost a lot of money which, on top of the purchase price, can make moving house prohibitive. As most of us can't just sell up and move to a bigger property we need to find a way to make the best of what we already have. In other words, we need to look around and find ways to get better use out of existing space. The first place to look is in the garden.

The latest developments in garden room design have changed the way people use their garden space. Using a garden solely as an outdoor leisure space is no longer cost effective. We simply can't afford to 'waste' valuable space that could be better occupied by a purpose built, carefully designed garden living room.

Before you hesitate, I want to make it clear that the sort of room I'm talking about is an extension of your existing living space. It can be situated anywhere in your garden, even away from the house, but it has all the amenities you enjoy in your other rooms. Lighting, heating, plumbing, double glazing, thermal insulation; everything you expect from your house can be made available in a custom built garden room. The advantages are huge.

No moving costs and best of all, no upheaval, no new schools for the children and no new neighbours to learn to get along with. In fact, all you get are benefits. More living space, less overcrowding and a much easier lifestyle. The first step is to contact a specialist garden room design company and discuss your requirements. They will be able to help you look more objectively at your garden space and point you toward the most cost effective way to expand your living area. Think hard about what you want the extra space for.

Is it an extra room in which you can personally relax and spend quality time? Would you like a self contained living area for a teenager? How about a 'granny annex' so that an elderly relative can come to live with you but still have their own space and privacy? The most important thing is to decide what you want to do with your new room as your choices could affect where the room needs to be sited. A good design company will be able to help and advise you on all aspects of installation and your lovely new room could be in place in a matter of weeks. Check it out today!.

Graham Baylis is as busy a business man as you can be and he knows that it's a well known fact that people need space to think, and what better space is there than a peaceful spot in your own back garden. This is just the thinking behind Garden Escape's unique range of Garden Buildings. Of course you can also use such space for business or pleasure, this list covering the FUN area. See

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